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Scary Snowman Valentine's Day Prank Special (Season 4 Episode 8)

Uploaded by: The Scary Snowman

Freaky the Snowman finds his Valentine but is it true love or just a one minute fling? Watch as Freaky gets his prank on, scares lovers and potentially finds true love. Yeah right! Season 4 http://ift.tt/1eo8g0Q Season 3 http://ift.tt/1lbsxQf Season 2 http://ift.tt/1eo8dSx Season 1 http://ift.tt/1lbsxQh Face Book http://ift.tt/rW8PNh Twitter http://ift.tt/wx8JKa Instagram http://ift.tt/1eo8dSz scarysnowman vine http://ift.tt/1lbsxQj Scary Snowman Nail Art http://ift.tt/1jckmOK Love music By: One Tone Summer Ride http://ift.tt/1c308Wt http://ift.tt/1jcklKJ Snow Globe Intro By: http://ift.tt/1c309JP Intro Music: The Scary Snowman is Back by: Diamond_Xcel http://ift.tt/1jckmOQ End Music by Enerjohn http://ift.tt/1c309JR Scary Snowman Bobble Heads http://ift.tt/1jcklKP Directors Cut http://ift.tt/1jcklKS New Pranks http://ift.tt/1c309JV


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