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Symphony No. 9 ~ Beethoven

Uploaded by: AnAmericanComposer

Hello everyone! A YouTuber by the name of Michael Kirkman sent me who performed this wonderful version of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. So, basque in the heavenly glory... Original message he sent: "Found this on Wikipedia so it must be true: In 1960, [Josef] Krips recorded Beethoven's nine symphonies for Everest Records. For this set of recordings, Krips conducted the London Symphony Orchestra, and for the Symphony No. 9, the soloists included Donald Bell, baritone, Jennifer Vyvyan, soprano, Rudolf Petrak, tenor, and Shirley Carter (later known as Shirley Verrett), mezzo soprano. The BBC Chorus, under the chorusmaster Leslie Woodgate also performed. This series of recordings was popular with music critics and the public, and the recordings have been reissued several times in authorized and in bootleg editions. If, as I think it is, this is the 9th that you uploaded, it has a great pedigree and some wonderful soloists! Thanks." London Symphony Orchestra, cond. Josef Krips Soloists: Jennifer Vyvyan (EDIT), Soprano Shirley Verret, Mezzo-Soprano Rudolph Petrak, Tenor Donaldson Bell, Bass


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